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Coronary Care Unit/Heart Emergency Care

Easy Read Information

Coronary means 'about the heart'.

This unit provides emergency help to people with a heart problem. It explains what may happen if you are referred to us.


Who are we?

A team of Doctors, Nurses, Specialist Nurses and other Allied Health Professionals who will help you return to good health following a cardiac event.

What we do

We offer specialist care for those patients who have acute problems related to the heart, including patients with heart rhythm disturbances, angina, heart attacks or heart failure, heart valve infections and birth-related heart complications.

This specialist unit was introduced in November 2002 to enhance the assessment and subsequent management of patients presenting with acute cardiac conditions, referred directly by GPs or via the ED or AMAU.

The unit provides:

  • Continuous cardiac monitoring of all beds/ assessment trolleys
  • Care delivered by skilled and experienced cardiac nurses
  • Rapid initial assessment by a chest pain specialist nurse
  • Access to dedicated cardiologists with twice daily ward rounds
  • Improved access to cardiology ward beds or CCU as appropriate
  • Improved access to tertiary care at Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital as appropriate
  • Remote monitoring of up to an additional 10 patients across the ground floor who do not require HEC admission via a telemetry system

Being referred to us

Patients who have problems related to the heart. These patients may attended A&E initially have been referred directly from their GP. Other patients may be transferred to us from other wards.

What happens when you see us?

You will be cared for by a specialist team of Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals with the aim of restoring your health.

What happens next?

When your problem is no longer deemed acute, you may be transferred to our General Cardiology ward on 3A or back home.

The team

The staff on CCU/HEC consist of Cardiac Consultants, Junior Doctors, Nurses and Specialist Nurses and other Allied Health professionals.