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Pre-Operative Assessment is where you go to the hospital for a check up and a meeting before you go in for the operation.

This page gives you information about:

  • What happens at this assessment
  • The staff involved
  • How to contact us

Why do we ask you to have a preoperative assessment?

It helps us learn about your medical history, your general health, any medicines you are taking and any previous experience with anaesthetics.

What happens at the assessment?

You will have an individual consultation with a specialist nurse who will talk through your medical history with you, arrange any tests that you need before surgery and give you information about preparing for your anaesthetic as well as certain aspects of your surgery and recovery period.

How long does it take?

Our appointments are booked for 45 minutes but it can vary with each patient. There will be extra time needed for blood tests and maybe heart and breathing tests. Please allow for up to 2 hours in the hospital.

Why can't I have all this done on the day I come for surgery?

Our job is to help you prepare safely for your operation as well as identify any particular risks for you in having an anaesthetic. The anaesthetist looking after you on the day of your surgery needs to know as much as possible about you in order to keep you as safe as possible. If this information isn't available, the anaesthetist will not able to go ahead and your surgery would almost certainly have to be cancelled.

Why can't you give me a date for my surgery?

The pre-operative assessment team deals with getting you ready for an anaesthetic. The operation bookings are organised by the Consultant and his/her team. We can give you contact numbers for them.

What do I need to bring with me?

We need a up to date copy of your prescriptions.

We need a water sample in a sterile container. This can be done when you arrive at the department and we will provide a suitable container.

If you cannot attend your appointment...

Every month patients fail to attend for their preoperative assessment appointments. Not only does this delay them, it makes other patients wait longer.

So when you receive a date and you cannot attend or have changed your mind about having surgery, please let us know by call ing 0151 600 1927. Your preoperative assessment appointment can always be rearranged or cancelled and given to someone else.

Contact us

Pre-Operative Assessment Team

Office Address
Inpatient Booking Office
Room 4
Chapel Corridor
Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital Trust
Prescot Street
L7 8XP

0151 600 1927

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 8am-6pm
Friday: 8am-5pm


The team

The Inpatient Booking Department offers support and non-clinical advice on your upcoming preoperative assessment, admission or day surgery. We cover the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital sites.

If you need to cancel or rebook your date please refer to your letter for a contact number or call any team member below:

Adrieanne Tsai
Patient Access Administrator
Tel: 0151 706 2679
Email Adrieanne here

Paul Coppell
Assistant Health Records Services Manager
Tel: 0151 706 2684
Email Paul here

Rebecca Thornton
Assistant Health Records Services Manager
Tel: 0151 706 2684

Email Rebecca here

Inpatient Booking Supervisor
Tel: 0151 706 3683
Email the supervisor here

The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal. If you have a hospital appointment then you should attend as planned.
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