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Renal transplant

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Renal Transplant is where we give someone a new kidney.

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Who are we?

The Renal Transplant Unit, also known as the Sir Peter Medawar Transplant Unit, offer a high quality kidney transplant service for patients in Cheshire, Merseyside, North Wales, and further afield.

Kidney transplantation improves the longevity and quality of life for many patients with kidney disease. The development of effective immunosuppressive drugs and the refinement of surgical procedures have led to remarkable improvements in the long-term success of kidney transplantation. The transplantation procedure is now widely recognised as an effective, and preferred, therapeutic option for the transplant of many forms of kidney disease.

What do we do?

The unit performs living and deceased donor kidney transplants on approximately 100 patients each year. The unit boasts a first-rate reputation for its innovative clinical research, academic excellence, and excellent success rates.The programme's interdisciplinary approach to kidney transplantation integrates surgical, medical, and clinical support specialists to engage in the continuous care and management of the patient through every stage of a successful kidney transplant.

Our surgeons work side-by-side with specially trained transplant medical staff including Nephrologists, Immunologists, Infectious Disease Specialists, Anaesthetists, and Cardiologists who together, provide unmatched expertise before and after a transplant.

Our dedicated team also includes Clinicians, Specialist Nurses, Staff Nurses, Healthcare Assistants, Pharmacist, Dietician, Social Workers and Administration staff who solely work with transplant patients.

Our service objective is to ensure the services matches demand in an environment that is suitable to ensure safe, efficient and effective patient care.

More specifically, we aim to:

  • Provide excellent pre, intra and post kidney transplant care to our patients
  • Maintain academic excellence in clinical transplant research
  • Provide transplant training to medical students, residents and Nephrology fellows
  • Promote organ donation
  • Work with our partners in the community to foster greater understanding of transplantation, its benefits and its outcomes
  • Work within the greater national and international transplant community to improve the quality of life for transplant patients

The team

Management Team

Mr Stephen Baily - General Manager

Miss Jodi Tennant - Deputy General Manager

Tracey Cullen - Matron



Mr A Hammad - Contact Aaron-Lea Carnegie 0151 706 3486

Mr S Mehra - Contact Aaron-Lea Carnegie 0151 706 3486

Mr A Sharma - Contact Aaron-Lea Carnegie 0151 706 3486

Mr D Ridgeway - Contact Annette Dunne 0151 706 3848

Mr A El-Bakry - Contact Annette Dunne 0151 706 3848


Key Nursing Staff

Helen Machin - Transplant Recipient Coordinator - 0151 706 3432

Karen Ward - Transplant Recipient Coordinator - 0151 706 3500

Eddie Gregg - Transplant Recipient Coordinator - 0151 706 4724

Sally Heyworth - Transplant Specialist Nurse - 0151 706 3431

Jean Shallcross - Living Donor Coordinator - 0151 706 4661

Ann Strong - Living Donor Coordinator - 0151 706 4725

Jonathan Davies - Clinical Nurse Specialist - 0151 706 3257

Jinnoy Thomas - Nurse Clinician - 0151 706 3494

Gifty Agbley - Nurse Clinician - 0151 706 3494

Tilly Leach - Vascular Access Nurse - 0151 706 3516

Other Key Staff

Kaylea Allport - Vascular Access/Theatre Coordinator - 0151 706 3492

Contact us

Vascular Access/Theatre Coordinator
0151 706 3492