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Pre-Op is about the tests we do before your operation.

Vascular Access is about keeping your blood pure while we treat or replace your kidney.

What we do

The pre-operative assessment usually takes about an hour and involves being asked questions about your health and any medications you may take. We try and identify any problems that may affect your operation and answer any concerns you may have.

Sometimes we will ask for your written consent for the operation after discussing the surgery with you and explaining the risks involved. After the assessment it may be necessary for you to have bloods taken and other tests carried out such as an Echocardiogram and/or a chest X-Ray. It may also be necessary got you to see an anaesthetist before the operation, but this will be arranged on a separate day.

The pre-operative assessment process will hopefully reduce the risk of your operation being cancelled and improve your experience by ensuring that you are adequately prepared for you surgery.

Contact Us

Mr Jonathan Davies - Nurse Clinician - Contact 0151 706 2000, bleep 479

The operation itself is coordinated by our Vascular Access/Theatre Coordinator who will arrange for the date of your pre-clerking and also the date for your operation, providing you with all the relevant information you will need along the way such as when to stop taking certain medications if required.

Miss Kaylea Allport - Vascular Access/Theatre Coordinator - Direct: 0151 706 3492