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A Renal Recipient Transplant Coordinator is a specialist nurse who helps and supports patients who have a new kidney.

What we do

Kidney transplantation is a treatment option for patients with renal failure. Not every patient is suitable for transplant and part of the role of the renal recipient transplant coordinator is to help assess those patients who may be suitable for transplant.

The renal recipient transplant coordinators are a team of specialist nurses who are responsible for supporting patients and their families through the kidney transplant process. We provide information about the benefits and risks of transplantation so that potential kidney transplant patients can make an informed decision about going on the transplant list.

Part of the assessment process involves ensuring that anyone being considered for kidney transplantation has the appropriate blood tests and investigations performed to help establish their suitability for transplant. If a patient is deemed fit for transplant we are responsible for activating those patients onto the National Kidney Transplant Waiting List. We provide on-going support and advice for patients while they are on the transplant waiting list.

We also deal with enquiries from members of the community who for their own reasons may wish to donate a kidney but not have a recipient. In these cases if deemed a suitable donor the kidney would go to a suitable recipient who is on the UK transplant waiting list.

Contact Us

For further information please contact:

  • Karen Ward - Renal Recipient Coordinator: Direct 0151 706 3500
  • Helen Machin - Renal Recipient Coordinator: Direct 0151 706 3432
  • Gemma Pryor - Transplant Nurse Specialist: Direct 0151 706 4724