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Renal Transplant Continuing Care is about the care and support that we give to a patient who has been given a new kidney.

What we do

Once patients are discharged from the ward having had a renal transplant they require close monitoring, especially for the first few weeks. Most outpatient clinics are run on a weekly basis, but this is not frequent enough when patients are first allowed home. The Renal Transplant Continuing Care (RTCC) clinic offers care and support for patients and their carers during this time of transition and change.

The aim is to provide care which is patient centered, thus enabling early discharge from the ward whilst still providing continuity of care from an experienced specialist clinician who works alongside the other members of the transplant team. Providing a service that is flexible, efficient and timely facilitates appropriate interventions which may prevent the need for re-admission. The over arching purpose is to provide:

  • Monitoring of renal function
  • Patient education on their role and responsibilities for maintaining long term graft function
  • Psychological support for patients and their families/carers


The clinic runs every morning, Monday to Friday, so patients can be seen as frequently as necessary. This gives patients the opportunity to be clinically assessed and to discuss any symptoms or problems they may have. Medications and treatments are altered as necessary, and further investigations may be organised. All results are explained so that patients can gain an understanding of transplantation as a way of treating renal problems, and how they may best look after their transplant in the long term. For patients travelling from Wales, these visits may be alternated with a visit to their local hospital. Once stable, patients are then discharged to one of our main outpatient clinics which run once a week.

Sometimes patients require an additional period of close monitoring, such as change of immunosuppressive drugs or when they are receiving treatment for specific infections, such as Cytomegalovirus (CMV). They may then be referred back to the Renal Transplant Continuing Care clinic.

Contact Us

There is an answerphone service for all transplanted patients providing a point of contact with the Nurse Clinician.

Answerphone: 0151 706 3494