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This page is about the team who specialise in patients who suffer from a lot of pain.

It has information about:

  • Our services
  • The staff involved
  • How to contact us

Who we are

We specialise in the assessment, investigation and management of patients with acute and chronic pain. We work within multidisciplinary teams consisting of Consultants in Pain Medicine, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Physiotherapists and a Psychologist. We offer an interventional pain medicine service, including radio frequency ablation and spinal cord stimulation. We also run a 4 day educational programme for patients with chronic pain.

We assess and assist in the management of patients with acute pain, including post-operative pain on both hospital sites. We also provide a service to the palliative care department, the specialist pancreatic team and the cardiology department.

    As well as the core Pain Medicine clinics, run by doctors, nurses and other members of the team, there are specialised services that we offer. These include:

Being referred to us

Patients can be referred to our service by the their General Practitioner or their Hospital Consultant. We also accept referrals from the physiotherapy department.

What happens when you see us

If your doctor (e.g. GP) has referred you to our service, you will receive a letter telling you the date and time of your outpatient clinic appointment. Please bring an up-to-date list of your medication. Your appointment letter may ask you to bring a urine sample to the clinic; this will NOT be necessary for the pain medicine clinics.

You may have been referred to our service for consideration of an injection to help with your pain management (e.g. nerve block or epidural). You will still need to attend an initial outpatient clinic appointment to be assessed by a pain medicine specialist. If you do require an injection, you will be given a separate appointment date for this at a later date.These injections are performed in a dedicated theatre suite, next to the outpatient clinics. The injection lists run from 0830 – 1230 for a morning appointment and 1300 – 1700 for an afternoon appointment. The exact time of your procedure may vary so please bring reading material to occupy your time.

It is important for you to tell us if you have started any new medications, if you have any new medical conditions and if you are taking any blood thinning medication (e.g. warfarin, clopidogrel, prasugrel, ticagrelor, dabigatran, rivaroxaban, fondaparinux).

You cannot drive home yourself from hospital after having an injection, so please arrange for somebody to collect you.

What happens next

We will review you in the outpatient clinic for follow up appointments and after any injections to review your progress.

The Team

Consultants in Pain Medicine:

  • Dr H Tsang
  • Dr H Romer
  • Dr T Sajjad
  • Dr A Jones
  • Dr J Ledson
  • Dr M Goulden
  • Dr R Malhotra

Clinical Nurse Specialists:

  • Sister J Beattie
  • Sister F Ion
  • Sister R Wheelhouse


  • C Bather
  • N Burgess


  • Dr S Blackshaw


  • K Dineley
  • L Furey

Contact Us

Pain Medicine department

Alexander Wing
Broadgreen Hospital
Thomas Drive, Liverpool
L14 3LB

Telephone the Pain Secretaries on 0151 706 3190 or 0151 706 3382

Where we are

Both the outpatient clinics and injection/block lists take place in the Alexander Wing at Broadgreen Hospital. We are located near the Breast and ENT outpatient clinics.

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