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Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy

This page has information about our Musculoskeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy service.

Our physiotherapists provide assessment, treatment and management for a wide range of musculo-skeletal problems. This can range from new acute injuries or post-operative follow-up to chronic (longstanding) conditions.

If for any reason you cannot keep or require amendments to your appointment contact us on: 0151 706 2760

Who we are

The Musculo-skeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy team provides services at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (RLUH), Broadgreen Hospital (BGH), South Liverpool Treatment Centre (SLTC) and the York Centre (YC). We also have Therapy services at Aintree University Hospital.

What do we offer?

Some of the main approaches used by our physiotherapists include:

  • Education and advice: Our physiotherapists can give general advice about things that can affect your daily lives, such as pain and condition management, lifestyle changes and postural advice. We can refer or direct you to local community resources also to promote health and wellbeing.

  • Movement, tailored exercise and physical activity advice: Exercises may be recommended to improve your general health and mobility, and to strengthen specific parts of your body – this can be to aid your return to low level activity or to high level i.e: return to sport.

  • Manual therapy: Where a physiotherapist uses their hands to help relieve pain and stiffness, and to encourage better movement of the limbs.

There are other services that we may also offer, such as hydrotherapy (Aintree site) or acupuncture.

The Musculo-skeletal Clinical Assessment Service (MCAS)

MCAS Clinics are a physiotherapy-led triage service ran at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Broadgreen Hospital and the South Liverpool Treatment Centre. If you have a musculo-skeletal problem that requires assessment your GP may refer you to us.

Our service ensures that patients are assessed and managed in the most suitable setting for their clinical needs (home, primary care, acute hospital) with robust measures in place for review by appropriately skilled staff if the clinical need changes.

Patients are assessed in the clinic by our highly-skilled physiotherapists then referred for any indicated investigations, appropriate clinician or discharged as appropriately. If you have any queries regarding your MCAS appointment, please see the contact details.

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