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Lower Limb Physiotherapy Team

Lower Limb Physiotherapy Team

The Lower Limb Physiotherapy team is based across all four hospital sites in Liverpool with our main clinical sites at Royal Liverpool University Hospital and Broadgreen Hospital.

The team is comprised of a number of clinical physiotherapy specialists and senior physiotherapists. We also develop more junior staff and students within our team.

Our team assesses and treats a range of musculoskeletal and orthopaedic conditions through telephone triage consultations; video consultations; face to face sessions; hydrotherapy and class based exercise groups. We also have close links with the orthopaedic teams which helps us deliver best care to our patients.

Late Stage Rehabilitation Class

We offer rehabilitation classes across Liverpool with the aim of helping patients return to sport following injury.

It is delivered by senior physiotherapists and progress is monitored through regular reviews. We use gold standard outcome measures to ensure you are ready to return to the sporting activity of your choice.

Arthroplasty Class

Following a knee or hip replacement you will be provided with advice and exercises to guide you through your recovery.  You may also be referred to Broadgreen Hospital to be reviewed by a physiotherapist, individually or in a class based setting.

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