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Our Outpatient Physiotherapy Department has now launched a partnership with Physiapp®.

Our aim is to empower our patients and boost your engagement and adherence to your exercise programmes, and ultimately improve our overall patient outcomes.

With our patients’ busy lifestyles and increasing personal and work commitments, the app gives you the opportunity to require less face-to-face appointments. You can still receive your course of physiotherapy remotely.

Although this reduces the frequency of your attendance in physiotherapy, there is always the opportunity to attend an appointment if required. Due to current circumstances and guidelines around Covid-19 this can only be arranged on a strict basis at present.

Click here for Patient Friendly User Guide.

Healthcare technology to help you achieve your best!

We are proud to be using PhysiApp for your exercise program, to track your progress and to communicate with you via built-in video call and messaging features.

  • Step 1: Download PhysiApp from the App Store or Google Play (free) or go to on your computer.
  • Step 2: You will receive a program access code via email or SMS.
  • Step 3: Enter your access code in PhysiApp to get started.