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Physiotherapy is about getting your body moving again.

This page has information about our Physiotherapy service for people who do not need to stay in the hospital and how to contact us.

Who we are

The Musculo-skeletal Outpatient Physiotherapy team provides services at the Royal Liverpool Hospital (RLUH), Broadgreen Hospital (BGH), South Liverpool Treatment Centre (SLTC) and the York Centre (YC).

What we do

The Musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy service consists of 4 teams:

The Musclo-skeletal Clinical Assessment Service (MCAS)

MCAS Clinics are a Physiotherapy led triage service ran at RLUH, BGH and SLTC. This service ensures that patients are assessed and managed in the most suitable setting for thier clinical needs (home, primary care, acute Trust) with robust measures in place for review by appropriately skilled staff if the clinical need changes. Patients are assessed in the Clinic then referred to the appropriate clinician or discharged as appropriate. If you have any queries regarding your MCAS appointment, please see the contact details.

The Upper Limb Physiotherapy Team

The upper limb Physiotherapy team includes 3 Clinical Specialists, Senior Physiotherapists and staff grade Therapists. The team works across all four hospital sites. We work in close collaboration with occupational therapists and patients are often treated jointly to facilitate a shorter overall treatment time (particularly in hand therapy). Patients are often seen pre and post operatively and following trauma. The team provides:

  • Comprehensive, Individualised assessment of patients with upper limb conditions.
  • Evidenced based therapy and rehabilitation for whole upper limb.
  • Pre operative assessment and education, liaison with surgeon if required.
  • Post operative therapy as required.
  • Patient centred rehabilitation in individual and class format.
  • Audit and evaluate the upper limb service offered to patients
  • Format and update patient information leaflets for common conditions treated in our unit.
  • Team leads work in extended roles in consultant lead fracture and specialised upper limb clinics.

The Lower Limb Physiotherapy Team

The lower limb team at BGH provide outpatient physiotherapy for patients who have had hip and knee joint replacement. Most patients are referred into the lower limb arthroplasty class for their physiotherapy.

The purpose of the class is to assess and treat the operated hip or knee joint following your operation and then help the patient gain the best possible function. We can also address any problems which may occassionally occur following joint replacement surgery.

Although this is a class the patient will be seen individually by one of the physiotherapists. The aims of physiotherapy are within the limits imposed by the surgical procedure:

  • Regain maximum joint mobility
  • Regain maximum muscle strength
  • Regain normal function
  • Promote life-time maintenance of the joint and the structures around it

The therapist will answer any queries you may have and give advice regarding matters such as driving, lying positions, housework, occupation and sport (if appropriate). The sessions are informal and the group is flexible enough to provide you with confidence in everyday activities. Patients may expect to be up to 45 minutes in the class.

The Spinal Physiotherapy Team

The spinal physiotherapy team is based within musculoskeletal outpatients. The team consists of static Clinical Physiotherapy Specialists, and rotational band 6 and 7 therapists.

Clinical specialists and Band 7s work directly in consultant led clinics, and are involved in regular research, producing published papers and presenting at Britspine, a national spinal conference.

The team provide a variety of treatment techniques in the management of spinal pathologies. We offer an individual tailored treatment that may include acupuncture, manual therapy or exercise which can be individual or class based. We promote self management of both acute and chronic conditions provide education sessions such as the osteoporosis class.

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