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This page is about the team who specialise in patients who suffer from a lot of pain.

It has information about:

  • Our services
  • The staff involved
  • How to contact us

Who we are

We are committed to provide an open, safe, relaxed atmosphere to work with our patients, their loved ones, and other specialists in order to provide individualised care to improve their quality of life with pain.

We specialise in the assessment, investigation and management of pain in patients with acute, chronic and cancer pain. We work as multidisciplinary team consisting of consultants in Pain Medicine, clinical nurse specialists, specialist pain physiotherapists, and a clinical psychologist.

We are proud to be part of a university teaching hospital so students from all disciplines and clinical fellows in pain medicine are often part of our team providing care.

Our service delivers pain management care as part of an outpatient service at Broadgreen Hospital.

We also provide an inpatient pain service within The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital for those admitted. Across the wider Trust, we provide consultation, training and supervision to our colleagues who support patients with pain.


What is acute and chronic pain?

  • Pain is the term used to describe an unpleasant sensation in the body.

  • Pain that has been felt for less than 3 months, for example after injury or operation is called ‘acute pain’. This pain usually recovers over time.

  • Pain that lasts longer than 3 months is known as ‘chronic pain’. Pain can occur following an injury, operation or disease which lasts beyond the expected healing time of 3 months. For some people, chronic pain can develop despite no pathology showing up in examinations or investigations. Chronic pain can be very difficult to manage.

  • Pain management services, such as ours, aim to help patients understand their pain and identify ways that their quality of life can be improved. This may involve the use specialist techniques and medicines to ease pain. Also, we teach strategies to help people manage and live well with their pain condition.

    As well as the core Pain Medicine clinics, run by doctors, nurses and other members of the team, there are specialised services that we offer. These include:

"Finding out how pain works in your body made me see how different things can help to manage my pain. New ideas about medication and relaxation gives me hope that I will be able to manage my pain better in future."

A patient who attended Coping College

Referrals for our Inpatient Service

During an admission, your medical or surgical team can refer to our pain service.


How to be referred to our Outpatient Service

If you have had pain for longer than 3 months, please discuss options with you GP. Your GP will be able to offer you some initial support and resources.

If you and your GP feel that you need specialist pain management, they can refer you to you to our service. We have links with other services within the Trust who may also make this referral for you as part of your treatment plan.


"My appointments are tailored to my pain management, which I feel is very important. I leave my appointments feeling focused on my goals, with all the information needed to manage my pain."

A patient who attended outpatients

Your Outpatient Clinic appointment


What happens at your clinic appointment?

Your first clinic appointment in our department will involve meeting a member of our clinical team to assist with the assessment of you pain.

After your initial assessment, we will discuss options with you. For some people, we may make recommendations that can be carried out by your GP or another service closer to home. We may also refer you to our other pain services who will also help support you. For some of our patients, we may suggest a follow up appointment to review your progress.

If after your assessment, input from another speciality team is required, we can refer you.

What should you bring?

Please bring a list of all your medications. Generic appointment letters as used across departments may request a urine sample however this is not required for the Pain Medicine Department.

Where will your appointment take place?

***COVID-19 Update****: At present, all our outpatient consultations are carried out over the telephone or virtual software unless there is clinical reason for a face to face. This is to minimise the amount of patients coming into hospital.

Please read your appointment letter carefully as this will indicate if your appointment is by telephone or face to face.

Our outpatient clinic is located:

Pain Medicine Department

Alexandra Wing

Broadgreen Hospital

Thomas Drive, Liverpool

L14 3LB

Reception for the Pain Medicine Department is located on the ground floor of The Alexandra Wing, next to the ENT and Breast Screening.

Cancellation and Unattended Appointments Policy

Please be aware that we operate a strict discharge policy for unattended or regularly cancelled appointments. This enables us to manage our waiting times more effectively.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please call 0151 706 5555 as soon as possible to we can offer that appointment to another patient.

Our pain secretaries can be contacted on 0151 706 3382 or 0151 706 3190.


Getting the most from your appointments

Our team holds a biopsychosocial understanding of pain as we know that pain interacts with many elements of your life. This means that we may make recommendations regarding lifestyle that could help improve your pain management.

In our experience and in the research evidence, we know that helpful pain management involves multiple approaches to help you both physical and mentally.

Lifestyle changes can be difficult and often require a degree of motivation and setting realistic goals. Our onward services such as physiotherapy, psychology and group programmes particularly focus on these aspects and therefore require commitment and home practice.


The Team

Our Pain Medicine Team is led by Dr Hoo Kee Tsang.

Dr Tsang is a Consultant in Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine, as well as the Clinical Lead for Pain Medicine at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals. Plus he is the Royal College of Anaesthetists Regional Advisor for Pain Medicine – Mersey Region.


Contact Us

Pain Medicine department

Alexander Wing
Broadgreen Hospital
Thomas Drive, Liverpool
L14 3LB

Telephone the Pain Secretaries on 0151 706 3190 or 0151 706 3382.


Where we are

Both the outpatient clinics and injection/block lists take place in the Alexandra Wing at Broadgreen Hospital.

Reception for the Pain Medicine Department is located on the ground floor of The Alexandra Wing, next to the ENT and Breast Screening.