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An X-ray is a quick way to take a picture of the inside of your body. It helps doctors to find out more about your health problems, and to decide if more tests are needed.

Who are we?

An x-ray is a widely used test which creates an image of the inside of the body, much like a photograph. It is very quick. It's often the first point of investigation to help the doctor decide if any other forms of imaging or tests are needed.

What do we do?

Depending on the type of examination you are having, you may need to prepare beforehand - Your letter will give you all of the information you need which is specific to the test you are having. Please make sure you read the information in your letter carefully before you come to the hospital.

What happens when you see us?

There are different types of x-ray. Depending on your x-ray, you may be asked to remove jewellery and/or certain items of clothing. The radiographer will ask you to move into different positions on the x-ray table to take the image(s).

What happens next?

In most cases, you will be allowed to go straight home, back to the clinic that referred you or back to the ward if you are an inpatient.

The images will be studied by a radiologist or advanced practitioner (staff who use x-rays to diagnose and treat illnesses) and the results will be sent to the healthcare professional that referred you.

You may already have an appointment with the healthcare professional that referred you. If not, please arrange one to discuss the results and any treatment you may need.

If you are an inpatient, the results will be given to the doctors looking after you on the ward, in most cases on the same day.

Contact us

Royal Liverpool Hospital – 0151 706 2730 (Listen to the options and select the most appropriate)

Broadgreen hospital – 0151 600 1302

Appointments for both hospitals (8.30am – 5pm) – 0151 706 2778

Appointments queries - 0151 706 2759

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