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Dermatology is about the skin. This page has information about:

  • Our services for patients with a skin problem
  • The times of the clinics
  • The staff involved
  • How to contact us

Who are we?

We provide specialist care to patients with acute and chronic skin disease, skin cancers, urticaria and allergies within both a hospital setting and community clinics.

What do we do?

Outpatient Clinics

Outpatients Clinic, based on the ground floor of the Alexandra Wing.

Clinics are held daily starting at 9.00 am. to approximately 5.00 pm.

A variety of clinics take place, including general dermatology clinics, psoriasis clinics, phototherapy clinics, contact dermatitis investigation clinics and skin cancer clinics. We have three operating theatres within the department were we undertake dermatological surgery, which includes excision of skin cancers, skin grafts and flaps, biopsies of skin lesions and rashes and removal of other lumps and bumps.

Services provided:

  • diagnostic and therapeutic services
  • cutaneous lymphoma - specialist monthly joint clinic
  • dermatological surgery and minor operations
  • dressings
  • iontophoresis and botulinum toxin treatment for hyperhidrosis
  • patch testings (for allergic contact dermatitis)
  • photodynamic therapy (PDT)
  • phototherapy - UVB, TLO1, PUVA
  • psoriasis - specialist clinic
  • specialist nurse clinics - phototherapy, cytotoxic drug monitoring, isotretinoin clinics
  • nurse consultant in skin cancer clinics - basal cell carcinoma clinics (BCC); community lesion clinic
  • skin cancer - rapid lesion clinics, all potential skin cancers are seen within 14 days
  • skin prick testing (for hypersensitivity)
  • transplant clinic
  • vulval skin disease - specialist clinic

Ward 4

Ward 4, dedicated eight bedded dermatology ward, is based on the first floor of the Alexandra Wing and is used for inpatient management of severe skin disease or skin emergencies.

Services provided:

  • special bandaging
  • applying ointments
  • injecting skin lesions
  • cryotherapy
  • photodynamic therapy
  • phototherapy
  • counselling
  • skin surgery
  • delivery of new biologics medicines

We also have a six bed day case facility for patients requiring treatments as an out-patient; these beds are shared between Dermatology and Rheumatology.

Phototherapy Unit

The phototherapy unit is based next to Ward 4 on the first floor of the Alexandra Wing.

We provide ultra-violet therapies, topical treatments such as dithranol and tar can be arranged with full private shower facilities. Treatments are performed and monitored by trained nursing staff and an 'out of hours' facility is available.

Treatments provided:

  • TLO narrowband UVB
  • PUVA
  • bath PUVA
  • hand and foot PUVA
  • PDT
  • iontophoresis

Community Clinics (ICATS)

We run community dermatology clinics at three centres: Breeze Hill, Garston and Greenbank Road and the service is fully integrated with secondary care.

On-call/Emergency Services

Our consultants and specialist registrars in dermatology provide on-call cover for dermatological emergencies Monday to Friday 9.00 am. to 7.00 pm. and weekends/bank holidays 9.00 am to 4.00 pm. Patients are normally referred to this service directly via their GP or departments within the hospital such as accident and emergency.

Allergy Clinic

The Allergy clinic is also located within the Department Department see 'Allergy section' for more information. 

Being referred

You can be referred to us directly via your GP or a hospital specialist.

Your GP can refer you for either a routine, urgent or two week skin cancer appointment via the electronic choose and book facility.

What happens when you see us?

When you attend for your appointment please walk through the double doors on the ground floor of the Alexandra Wing, Broadgreen Hospital and the Dermatology Department can be found on the right-hand side.

Upon arrival please report to reception, which is signposted and located on your left-hand side, where a clerk will book you in. You will then be asked to wait in either the main waiting room or alternatively the smaller waiting room located towards the back of the clinic.

Once you are called by the nurse you will be seen in a consulting room by either a consultant or registrar and a nurse. During your consultation you will be asked about your history, both personal and medical, and will be asked for a list of your current medications (so please bring a list with you if possible).

Once you have seen the consultant/registrar you will be informed of your future treatment plan and will be given a white outcome form to hand into reception on your departure. Please ensure you hand the white form into the clerks to enable them to make a follow up appointment (if needed) or if no treatment is required, you will be discharged back to the care of your GP.

If a hospital prescription is given to you (yellow prescription) this can only be obtained from the hospital pharmacy, which is located at the bottom of the main corridor on the right-hand side. Please note this prescription cannot be dispensed at your local pharmacy.

If the consultant/registrar is planning a minor procedure for you then a date may be given to you in clinic on the day or alternatively you will be placed on a waiting list and the appointment will be sent through the post. For minor procedure appointment enquiries please contact the team on 0151 282 6656.

Most minor procedures are carried out within the department however sometimes you will be asked to attend Whiston Hospital.

What happens next?

Once your minor procedure has taken place the results can take up to 4-6 weeks and usually the result is sent to you via a letter from your consultant/registrar, along with a follow up appointment if required.

More information

We support the development of research which is on-going and an important aspect of the work undertaken daily by the department, helping us to improve treatment for patients with debilitating skin conditions.

You may be asked to participate in clinic studies currently being undertaken to help us understand and answer important questions about drug therapies and treatments. Further information can be found under the Research section here

The Team


Dr Richard Azurdia

Dr Laura Cuddy

Dr Ben Thompson

Dr Hazel Bell

Dr Stuart Cohen

Dr Richard Parslew

Dr Mili Shah

Dr Lucy Stewart

Dr Elizabeth West

Dr Niall Wilson

Nurse Consultant
Mrs Linda Mullen

Nurse Specialists
Mr Selassie Danku

Sister Bernie Dever

Sister Teresa Jones

Mr Dave Foulkes

Sister Lynn Owens

Sister Tracey O'Rourke

Research Nurses
Sister Tessa Garland

Sister Sarah Aldwinckle

Outpatient Clinic Sister/Charge Nurse
Sister Kerry Price

Ward 4 Manager
Sister Rachel Dodd

ICATS Nurse Consultant/Manager
Carole Sutton

All of the above can be contacted via 0151 282 6979 and by selecting the required option (see below ‘How to contact us’).

Clinical Director (Dermatology/Allergy/ENT)
Mr Alessandro Panarese

General Manager
Lynn Power

Tel: 0151 600 1597

Deputy General Manager

Ceri Jackson

Tel: 0151 706 5756

Administration Services Manager
Tracey Edge

Tel: 0151 282 6077

Directorate Secretary
Melissa Westhead

Tel: 0151 282 6956

Medical Secretaries

Deborah Austin secretary to Dr Richard Azurdia, Dr Hazel Bell and Dr Ben Thompson
Lorraine Fortune secretary to Dermatology and Allergy Nurse Specialists
Deborah Fraser secretary to Mrs Linda Mullen and Dr Thirunavukarasu
Christine Furey secretary to Dr Elizabeth West and Dr Stuart Cohen
Julie Gleeson secretary to Dr Niall Wilson and Dr Lucy Stewart
Louise Irvine secretary to Dr Mili Shah and Patch Test service
Heather Rowlandson secretary to Dr Laura Cuddy and Dr Richard Parslew

Tel: 0151 282 6510 (please select from options)

Multi Disciplinary Team Co-ordinator
Miss Diane Chandler

Tel: 0151 282 6955

Contact us

Dermatology Department

Broadgreen Hospital

Alexandra Wing

Ground FloorThomas Drive


L14 3LB

Telephone: 0151 282 6979

Option 1 - General appointments

Option 2 - Skin cancer clinical nurse specialists

Option 3 - Biologics

Option 4 - Surgical waiting lists

Option 5 - Phototherapy appointments

Option 6 - Dressings clinic

Option 7 - ICATS service

Where are we?

We are based at Broadgreen Hospital within the Alexandra Wing. Upon entering the Alexandra Wing please take your first right (sign posted Dermatology/Allergy Department) and upon entering the department you will see the waiting room/reception desk located on the left-hand side.

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