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The Royal Liverpool VEINS CLINIC (RLVC)

About Us

The Royal Liverpool VEINS CLINIC (RLVC) is a private patient varicose veins service provided by Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Royal Liverpool VEINS CLINICS has over five years of experience in providing the highest quality private venous treatments. Our dedicated and professional team of clinical experts have successfully delivered specialised care to hundreds of patients.

Why choose us?

A Trusted environment

Located in the heart of the Liverpool city centre and based in Royal Liverpool Hospital, RLVC is one of the leading providers of modern and completely endovenous varicose vein treatment with an incorporated one stop diagnostic service in the North West.


A team with over a century of experience combined

Our dedicated team consists of professionals with over 100 years combined experience in varicose veins diagnosis and treatment. This extensive experience gives us a complete understanding of our patients’ needs and expectations which helps us to deliver an outstanding professional service to our patients.

Meet the team.


One stop clinic

The RLVC experts have created and developed a modern and completely endovenous service. RLVC patients benefit from one stop diagnostic and consultation clinics including a dedicated venous Duplex ultrasound scan. Treatments are as a walk in – walk out service with fast RECOVERY times from these minimally invasive treatments.


A comprehensive aftercare program

Fear of medical procedures? Don’t worry, all of our treatment plans include a comprehensive aftercare program which ensures that every patient’s journey is successful and safe.

All treatments are carried out within the Royal Liverpool Hospital rather than in a standard alone high street clinic. Providing you of complete reassurance of full medical back up for any unexpected complications such as those related to allergic reactions to anaesthetic agents or medications (all of which are required to perform these procedures).


Flexible payment

Royal Liverpool VEINS CLINIC provide individualised treatment plans for  patients covered by all major private medical insurance (PMI) companies, as well as self-pay patients. 


Feel good AND support our NHS

By using the services provided by RLVC, all profits made by the clinic will go straight back into the NHS. That way you can get the best treatment possible, knowing you have contributed to our most beloved organisation.

Our services

The clinic is based within the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, a hospital renowned world-wide for its vascular services, which has allowed us to incorporate the existing Specialist Vascular Laboratory, and its dedicated team of expert Clinical Vascular Scientists, into this comprehensive service