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Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering: working with clinical, academic and industrial colleagues, we improve healthcare by helping people understand about diagnosing and treating patients. We do this through science, engineering and physics.

Who we are

The Department of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering is a joint venture between the Royal Liverpool University Hospital and the University of Liverpool. Set up in 1971, it moved to the newly built Royal Liverpool University Hospital in 1978 where it has remained ever since.

What we do

The department operates a Quality Management System (BS EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485) for all of its activities which include:

Clinical Measurement Services

  • Ophthalmology
  • Audiology
  • Cardiology

Research and Development

  • Medical instrumentation
  • Signal and image processing
  • Computing
  • Clinical measurement
  • Expert systems
  • Biomechanics

Short Courses

  • Safety of Medical Electrical Equipment
  • Safety of Medical Electrical Systems
  • Medical Statistics, Refresher and Intermediate

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching

  • MSc Clinical Science (Medical Physics)
  • MSc Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (IPEM accredited)
  • Vocational training for STP Healthcare Scientists in both Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering

    Short courses

Undergraduate and Postgraduate Teaching

  • MSc Clinical Science (Medical Physics)
  • MSc Clinical Science (Bioinformatics)
  • DClinSci (Medical Physics)
  • DClinSci (Clinical Biomedical Engineering)
  • MSc Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (IPEM accredited)

Vocational training for HSST and STP Healthcare Scientists in both Medical Physics and Clinical Biomedical Engineering

Products - ERG Electrode

Silver Thread ERG Electrode (Adult or Paediatric)

The Silver Thread ERG Electrode is used in the detection of corneal/scleral potentials in electro-retinography (ERG). Compared to the corneal ring and gold foil the Silver Thread ERG Electrode is well tolerated and easy to use.

The electrode comprises 65mm (adult version) of fine multi-stranded silver-coated thread and two self-adhesive pads one of which has a gold connector pin. The pin is connected to the signal input on analysis equipment e.g. ESPION.

The electrode is attached with the smaller pad onto the side of the nose and pin pad onto the temple near to the eye. Thread is placed slack along the junction between the eye and the lower lid.

Silver Thread ERG Electrode pairs are supplied in boxes of 50 sealed pouches.  Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MP&CE) currently sell the Silver Thread ERG Electrode in UK, France and Germany.

For more information call  +44(0) 151 706 4202 or email

Clinical Measurement

The Clinical Measurement Section is concerned with measuring physiological performance via techniques developed from a deep understanding of physics. At present the section is mainly concerned with electrophysiology, though measurements based on flow and pressure are (have been) exploited to provided significant clues to pathology and to help in patient management.

Clinical measurement is often considered to sit at the fringes of medical physics and often, to the expert physicist, the novel anatomy and physiology of the various biological systems studied may appear daunting.  Underpinning the service is complex physics and engineering.

The team

The department consists of 18 staff offering a range of clinical measurement services to the Royal Liverpool Hospital and other hospital trusts in the North West of England. We are actively involved with research, development and innovation in a number of areas mainly, although not exclusively, in physiological measurement techniques. 

The department is also home to the Merseyside Training Consortium which provides education and training to STP Trainee Healthcare Scientists.  We currently have 19 trainees on rotation, contributing to clinical services and the research activities of the team as they work towards state registration.

Contact us on any of the numbers or email addresses listed below.

Contact us 

Research, Development and Innovation

Research, development and innovation are an integral part of the Department’s core business. 

Our world-class research is closely tied to our clinical activities and clinical activities of our colleagues in this Trust and neighbouring Trusts. Our Staff publish papers in peer-reviewed journals and present in National and International conferences. 

Our current areas of research, development and innovation include:

  • Medical Instrumentation
  • Signal and image processing
  • Mathematical and statistical modelling
  • Clinical computing
  • Clinical measurements
  • Biomechanics​

Anaesthesia Research

Research and Innovation - Anaesthesia

A number of research and innovation projects have been carried out in partnership with the Department of Anaesthesia at RLBUHT.

These include monitoring depth of anaesthesia, charting patients’ vital signs during an operation and the development of a decision support system to help prepare patients for surgery, see links below.

For more information email Stephen Lake​ or call +44 (0)151 706 4202

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