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Silver Thread ERG Electrode (Adult / Paediatric)

Please note - this product is no longer available.

The Silver Thread ERG Electrode is used for the detection of corneal/scleral potentials in electroretinography (ERG).


  • Fine multi-stranded silver coated thread
  • 1mm gold pin for signal connection
  • Two self-adhesive pads
  • Available in two sizes: adult (65 mm exposed thread) or paediatric (45 mm exposed thread)
  • Three year shelf life

Patient Comfort and Safety

  • Easier to use and better tolerated than the corneal ring and gold foil
  • Single use, supplied as pouched pairs
  • Gamma irradiated for peace of mind


The electrode is attached with the smaller pad close to the medial canthus and the thread is laid slack along the lower eyelid margin.  The large pad is affixed close to the lateral canthus and connection lead safely draped around the ear.  Supplementary adhesive tapes should not be used.

For use only by appropriately trained practitioners of electrophysiology.

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Sorry, this product is no longer available.

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