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Teaching, Training and Short Courses

Short Course on Medical Statistics

The aim of this course is to understand how statistical analysis and decision theory can be applied in medicine. You will learn how to analyse data and correctly interpret statistical findings in scientific publications. The course is backed up by a number of examples from the medical literature with practical demonstrations and exercises on how to carry out the analysis.

Short Course on Electrical Safety of Medical Equipment and Systems (sorry, this course is no longer available)

Other Teaching and Training:

  • MSc Clinical Science (Medical Physics)
  • MSc Clinical Science (Bioinformatics)
  • DClinSci (Medical Physics)
  • DClinSci (Clinical Biomedical Engineering)
  • MSc Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (IPEM accredited)
  • Vocational training for HSST and STP Healthcare Scientists in both Medical Physics and Clinical Biomedical Engineering

Updated 14/Oct/2022