32 medals for Royal's inspirational athletes

The Royal's British Transplant Games team return from the 2017 Games with an impressive haul of 32 medals.

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital’s British Transplant Games team have returned with an impressive haul of 32 medals.

14 inspirational athletes, who have all received a kidney transplant at the Royal, travelled to North Lanarkshire to compete in the 2017 games, winning 13 gold, six silver and 13 bronze medals.

The games demonstrate the benefits of transplantation while encouraging people to join the NHS Organ Donation Register.

The games, which include sports such as swimming, running, archery and javelin, have been held in cities across the country since 1978.

Kathy Cross, 59, from Liverpool, who received a kidney from her brother in 2005, won one gold and two bronze medals in the athletics category.

Kathy said: “Being able to compete has given me a new lease of life and is proof of the benefits of organ transplantation, I am able to train throughout the year and then participate in the games and I have won a number of medals.”

Kathy has competed in ten British Transplant Games and represented Great Britain and Northern Ireland at two World Transplant Games.

“Without the selfless act of organ donation many people would struggle to live life to the full. I am one of the very lucky people who, through the generosity of my brother and the skill of the doctors and nurses at the Royal, I am able to live my life to the best I can and to compete in fantastic events such as this.”

Ajay Sharma is a consultant in transplantation at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital where 114 kidney transplants were carried out last year.

Mr Sharma said: “The British Transplant Games are incredibly inspiring. As usual, there were some brilliant stories from the athletes in North Lanarkshire that show what impact a transplant can have.  

“Only a few years ago these patients were struggling to survive; they’re now competing for medals. The day acts as a way for patients to say thank you to donors for giving them that second chance. I’m incredibly proud of everyone who was involved.”

The Royal’s 2017 winners were:

Outstanding Super Senior Male (Matthew Burrows) five golds and 1 silver medal in Swimming.

Kathy Cross - One Gold Two Bronze in Walk and Athletics

David Rand - Gold Silver and two Bronze Athletics and Swimming

Steve Deakin - One Silver and Two Bronze Swimming

Tim Jones - Three Bronze in Athletics

Pamela Lane - Gold Silver and Two Bronze Swimming

Richard Tart - No Medals in the Darts

Sean Rintoul - Two Gold in Cycling

Roy Carroll - Gold In Table Tennis and Silver in Archery

John Dodd - Bronze in Ball Throw and Bronze in Javelin

Jason McLoughlin - Silver in Squash Bronze in Table Tennis and Bronze in Badminton

Daniel Richardson - Bronze in Bowls

John Spencer - Bronze in Squash and Bronze in Badminton.


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