Biomedical Science Day 2021

Biomedical Science Day 2021

Biomedical Science Day is taking place today and is an opportunity to celebrate our laboratory staff who are at the heart of healthcare and the work that they do to contribute towards patient pathways.

Biomedical Scientists and other laboratory staff within Liverpool University Hospitals work across the four sites of Liverpool Clinical Laboratories, delivering specialist clinical laboratory services regionally and nationally to analyse samples and provide the clinical interpretation of results.

Robert Lee (pictured in header), who is a Biomedical Scientist in the Non Gynaecological Cytology and Molecular Pathology laboratory, said: “My role resides within Cellular Pathology and cancer diagnostics and prognostics. Over the past decade I have seen Biomedical Science continually evolve as we try to keep up with speed of innovation and personalised genomic medicine. I love my role and find great satisfaction in being part of a patient's treatment pathway.”

Biomedical Scientist Ammar Ahmad, who works in the Clinical Immunology laboratory, said: “I'm part of a wonderful team in Clinical Immunology. Over the years the department has grown significantly and we offer a comprehensive service for our patients. I take great pride in the service we offer and the role we play in assisting other healthcare professionals and providing the best care possible.”

Keji Sadiku, who is currently undertaking a placement with LCL in Blood Sciences said: "As a placement student completing my registration portfolio with LCL, I have benefited immensely from the support and guidance provided by the Haematology and Transfusion laboratory team. The time I have spent within the labs has refined my academic and professional outlook, and I now have a clear direction of my future career goals."

Neil Holland, Deputy Chief Operating Officer commented: “Over the past fifteen months, COVID has presented us with challenging times, during which we have seen staff continue to process tests and maintain an excellent level of service. We have seen how integral their work is to the Cheshire and Merseyside region, which is evidenced through the installation of the Covid and LAMP laboratories to provide the vital testing service not just to the people of Liverpool but across the North West of England. To date, we have processed over 600,000 tests, and this number is a testament to the resilience of our laboratory staff and their willingness to accommodate this new healthcare landscape.

I would like to say a big thank you to all of our laboratory staff for everything that they do to support the overall operation of the Trust.”

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