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Have your say on the Patients' Council

The  Patients’ Council is an independent body of people consisting of up to 20 members who are representatives of  those using the hospital services (patients, carers and visitors).  The key aim is to find out what is really important to patients and what patients expect from a stay or visit to the hospital.

Members of the public are given the opportunity to comment on all aspects of  the hospital services to ensure it meets the needs of everyone involved. Problems are identified and solutions discussed.  The  Council are a key sounding board in the development of services and are able to visit ,observe and obtain patients’ views within the hospital.

If you would like to become a member of the Patients’ Council and require more information, please contact Sue Ventre, Governance Department on 0151 706 2268.
The Royal Liverpool University Hospitals have become part of Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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