Lindsey braves the shave!

A supporter of the Linda McCartney Centre at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital has shaved her hair off in memory of her stepdad, raising funds for charity.

39-year-old Lindsey Gallagher ‘Braved the Shave’ today to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support following the death of her stepdad, Martin Thomas, from non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2015.


Lindsey was joined by family and friends in the Linda McCartney Centre ahead of the event, where she spoke candidly about why she decided to shave her hair off: I wanted to do something in memory of my stepdad. He received brilliant care here and the staff were all really great.


The charity has a strong presence in the Linda McCartney Centre, thanks to their Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Service, which helps to support patients and their family members as they are treated for cancer in the Trust.

The money raised will go toward physical, financial and emotional support of more cancer patients and their families around the UK, including those who travel to the Linda McCartney Centre to receive some of the most advanced and innovative treatments available in the UK today.

The Linda McCartney Centre space is a comfortable, patient-centred building complete with state of the art breast assessment unit, purpose built chemotherapy unit, outpatient unit and a research and development department - which oversees over 500 different forms of cancer research.

If you want to donate toward Lindsey’s fundraiser, visit: