Liverpool professor wins European health award

Liverpool professor wins European health award

Congratulations to Professor Cheng Hock Toh, who has been announced as this year’s winner of the European Hematology Association (EHA) Education and Mentoring Award.

The award recognises Professor Toh’s outstanding contributions to haematology education over the last 26 years, and the amazing influence he has had upon many individuals in the Trust and beyond.

A Consultant in Haematology, Professor Toh has worked at the Roald Dahl Centre within Royal Liverpool University since 1995 and in 2018, was elected Academic Vice-President of the Royal College of Physicians.

His specialist haematology area is thrombosis (blood clots in a vein or artery) and bleeding disorders, and his work understanding blood changes during infection and critical illness has led to patented discoveries, product development and guidelines to improve standards in patient care.

Professor Toh said: “I’m always taken aback when you are nominated for something, it makes your work all the more fulfilling. When someone has taken the time to nominate you, this adds another dimension!

“To win the EHA Education and Mentoring Award is amazing, especially given the size of the community – it’s great to be recognised at an international level.”

The EHA has become one of the most reputable clinical organisations in and outside of Europe, providing medical education and professional development to haematologists.

“I have a privileged position to be able to support new colleagues within the Roald Dahl Centre, and feel excited and proud to help guide this younger end of the clinical family. I hope that they are inspired to also reach great heights within their careers and I look forward to seeing the names of these trainees on awards in future years to come.

“We are all always learning – I am driven by a passion to always improve the care for my patients. Teaching and research is all part of the journey to enabling and providing great care.”