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New Royal update - 9 July 2019

New Royal update - 9 July 2019

Work has begun on the programme of repairs to parts of the structure of the new Royal. From 1 July, cranes and other high access equipment arrived on site as workers began removing cladding and glazing in sections of the building to allow scaffolding to be fixed back to the structure, which will facilitate the first elements of the structural remediation works.

We are committed to sharing progress and have highlighted this work on social media. We have produced a short film to explain what is happening, click here to watch it.

All of this is in preparation for the structural works which are due to begin in earnest next month, with the installation of new concrete and steelwork starting within the building. We are planning some more detailed media engagement around this next month and will continue to share progress with you.

We know that 25% of the cladding requires remedial work and this element is still being finalised. This is the last element required, to complete the final work programme. Once the programme is finalised and the costs are all known, we’ll confirm timescales and costs.

We are committed to improving facilities in the current hospital and have been reviewing existing equipment to assess what needs to be replaced with equipment that we had already purchased and planned for the new Royal. The existing beds in the Royal are 15 to 20 years old and we’d ordered new beds, which were developed specifically for the new Royal. We have brought those beds into the current hospital to provide our patients with a better experience. Using them now allows staff to get used to operating them. This is really exciting news. As for the old beds, the more recent ones are going to Broadgreen Hospital and the older ones that are in decent condition are going to charities overseas. Click here to watch a short film outlining this story or watch the video below.

In addition to beds, we have three new mammography machines for the new Royal that we are bringing into use in our current facilities. This will mean patients and staff can benefit from the latest facilities prior to moving into the new Royal. We’ll provide more detail on this in the coming months. We are seeing lots of positive progress and are overcoming the challenges we have faced to deliver the state of the art facilities that our patients and staff need and the world class hospital we’ve all been waiting for.