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Our new Royal bed migration plans

Over the last few years we have made improvements to lengths of stay for patients and transferred some wards from the Royal to Broadgreen in order to both improve patient care and prepare for moving into the new Royal.

This has been achieved thanks to the efforts and support of our staff and local partners. This has enabled us to be in a position where currently the difference between bed numbers at the existing Royal and in the new Royal is just 31 beds.

We have a detailed plan for moving safely into the new Royal that involves changes to where some services will be located, getting patients to where is best next for them and if necessary increasing the number of beds at Broadgreen Hospital.

By the time we move into the new Royal we will have transferred Trauma and Orthopaedic inpatient services to Aintree and Broadgreen hospitals, following the merger. The new Clatterbridge Cancer Centre will have opened next door and together we plan to transfer their Haemo-oncology services currently based in the Royal, into their new purpose built facility. These moves will provide space for an additional two wards in the new Royal. We also expect to see 150 beds in the community that will support the discharge of patients, to become available in Liverpool by the time we move into the new Royal.

Evidence shows that patients recover sooner at home than in hospital. We’re investing in and working with our partners on a number of projects that have been proven to help patients get to where’s best next for them, much quicker. These include:

  • Providing more ambulatory care, aimed at treating patients faster
  • Developing a short stay unit for patients with conditions that can be treated quicker
  • Working with our community partners to support the discharge of patients who often stay in hospital for long periods

Whilst we are focusing on ensuring that we can get patients well and to where is best next for them, there is the potential to provide a significant number of additional beds at Broadgreen Hospital, if we needed to.

We’re committed to ensuring that the new Royal will be a world class facility and we’re working with local partners to support the transition and to make sure we have enough flexibility to manage pressures on beds.

The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal. If you have a hospital appointment then you should attend as planned.
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