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This page has information about our clinic for people with problems with their teeth. It includes a contact telephone number.

The dental outpatient departments run from:

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm

The clinics run an average of seven clinics per day across a range of areas including paediatric dentistry, oral surgery, oral medicine, restorative dentistry (crowns, fillings dentures) and orthodontics.

Restorative assessment clinic

Dental students are able to provide a limited amount of treatment, working under the supervision of the lecturers. This treatment is to train the students it is provided free of charge. The treatment provided includes fillings, gum treatment, crowns and dentures.

The students are less experienced than qualified dentists and take longer to provide treatment. If you would like to be considered for treatment by a student you will need to attend an assessment visit to see if your case is suitable.

An assessment visit will only take about five minutes. No treatment is provided at this visit. You will only be accepted for treatment if your case is suitable and the student waiting list for the treatment is open.

It is important to understand that your case may not be suitable, in which case no treatment can be provided at the dental hospital. It may be some time after the assessment before you receive an appointment for treatment.

Managing your dental appointment

Please arrive as near as possible to your appointment time. We operate a telephone reminder service. If you do not wish to receive a reminder about your appointment please inform the reception. We try to see all patients in appointment order.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please contact the Dental Hospital as soon as possible on 0151 706 5253.