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Easy Read Information

This page has information about some of the facilities for patients who have to stay on the wards at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

What we provide

Inpatient Greetings

If you would like to send a greeting to an inpatient you can send an email to our dedicated volunteers who will hand deliver it. Visit our inpatient greeting services page to send an e-greeting.

Trolley service

A trolley service is operated by our volunteers three times a week. selling sweets, chocolates, soft drinks and toiletries. Our volunteers also run a library book trolley service once a week.

Hairdressing services

Two hairdressers visit the wards once a week and can be contacted by the ward staff on bleep 4185

Bedside telephones and televisions

Some ward areas have access to personal telephones and television sets. You would be required to buy a card from the vending machines in order to operate them, these are situated throughout the hospital.

Portable phones are also available; please ask a member of staff if you need one. You are advised not to bring mobile phones into wards and clinical areas.

Disability Access Guides

Disabled access guides can be viewed here