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Find out what times to visit, what you should bring when visiting and how to stay safe in the hospital.

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Click on the links to find out what times to visit, what you should bring, and how to stay safe in the hospital.

About your visit

We understand how upsetting or strange it can feel when you need to come into the hospital for an appointment, emergency visit or to stay for surgery. 

We want to make your visit to us as easy and relaxing as we can, so in this section we've brought together some useful information to help you navigate your way around the Trust and guides for you to read.

The pages here also contain directions on how to manage your appointment, information on how we keep you safe whilst you visit the Trust, visiting hours and what to bring with you for your stay and statistics on our performance as a Trust.

If you feel that there is information missing from this section, we'd be happy to hear suggestions from you about what you'd like to see here. Simply let us know on the contact form here.

Are you disabled?

DisabledGo together with the Trust has supplied a number of guides with detailed access information to our facilities including shops, departments, wards and more. You can view them all here.

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