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This page tells you how to tell us what you think about our service.

It also tells you how to make a complaint.

What we do

We treat thousands of people each year and we are committed to giving the best possible service and care to patients, their families, carers and visitors. Although the vast majority of our patients are satisfied with the service and care they receive, we realise that we may not always get things right. On these occasions we welcome your comments, as they will help us to improve the services we provide for you, our users.

If you have a message of thanks, a comment, suggestion, or something positive to say about a service, department, team or member of staff, we would like to hear from you.

Please tell us what you think by clicking here, or you can email here.

You can also tell a member of staff in the ward or clinic you have visited. Staff will make sure that your comment or suggestion is passed on to the relevant person.


Although we work hard to make your stay in hospital as comfortable and pleasant as possible, some people have a less positive experience and make a complaint.

This type of feedback from patients is useful to us because it highlights areas or services that we may need to improve. Following a complaint, we act fast to make any service or environmental changes to ensure our services are of the highest possible standard.

Complaints can be made in several ways. You or your family can speak directly to a member of ward or clinic staff who will be able to address the problem speedily, or contact the complaint lead for the service on your behalf.

For more information contact 0151 706 4903 or you can use our enquiry form

Making a formal complaint

On the occasions that we do not get it right, we have a robust complaints procedure to ensure we handle complaints effectively. Formal complaints can be made via the NHS complaints procedure. If you would like to find out more about this procedure, please follow the link to our information leaflet: A guide to the complaints process.

You may wish to use our dedicated complaints email service. Send an email with your complaint to the Complaints Team

How to provide feedback on our services

If you prefer to speak to someone who is independent of the clinical area/team then our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) will assist you.

Contact PALS from outside the hospital: 

Tel: 0151 706 4903/4908/4909

Email: PALS​ or visit our PALS page