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This page explains our policy around smoking.

We operate a strict no smoking policy

The Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospitals are now smoke free. Both patients and visitors are asked not to smoke within our hospital grounds.

Our aim is to promote a healthy environment for everyone in our hospitals. This includes patients, visitors and staff and includes buildings, vehicles, grounds and gardens.

No one is allowed to smoke in any of our buildings or within our grounds. Anyone seen smoking will be asked to stop.

Please think of others and don't smoke near entrances.

We know that stopping smoking is not easy and want to help people by offering them the necessary advice and support.

Stop smoking support is provided through a variety of organisations and networks in Liverpool.

Why not visit our thinking about giving up smoking webpage (insert link here) to find out more.

We also have two leaflets which you might find useful:

  • Thinking about giving up smoking
  • Giving up smoking before your operation

What does this mean for patients and visitors?

If you are an inpatient then there is support available to help you not smoke whilst you are with us. You will be offered free nicotine replacement therapy and staff from Roy Castle FagEnds can offer you help to stop smoking whilst you are in hospital. Nicotine replacement therapy manages cravings for nicotine and will help you not to smoke, even if you don’t wish to quit in the long-term.

Not smoking whilst in hospital can help patients to recover faster and cuts down on the chances of any complications. Smoking slows down healing, increases the risk of infection and can mean patients stay in hospital for longer.

Leaving hospital to smoke (or for any other reason) whilst attached to medical equipment is dangerous. Nursing staff need to be able to monitor patients attached to medical equipment and if a patient leaves the ward, nursing staff will not be able to do this. This is potentially very dangerous and could result in a patient becoming ill.

If you leave the hospital grounds with equipment attached to you, it creates a health and safety hazard for you and for other people because the risk of infection will be increased.

Outpatients and visitors are also not permitted to smoke anywhere inside hospital buildings or grounds. If you have to smoke, please make sure that you are outside of hospital grounds.

Outpatients and visitors can access nicotine replacement therapies at pharmacies and Roy Castle FagEnds offer free advice and support. You can ask a member of staff to contact them or call 0800 195 2131. You can also find out more about smoking at

Smoke Free England

It is illegal for anyone to smoke in a public place, workplace or an enclosed public space. We have greater powers to stop people smoking on any of the hospital sites and can take the appropriate action against anyone found to be breaking the law. For more information visit the smoke free England website.

Useful links

For help and advice on how to stop smoking, including 'Eight ways to get started', progress tracker and real life story videos of people who have quit smoking.

Visit the Smoke free England website here

Visit the NHS Choices website here