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Personal trainer raises £2,000 for the Royal's breast unit


Harriet McGuffie is a Liverpool lady with a mission: to support both men and women to keep active and achieve their health goals. After supporting one of her amazing clients, Sarah, to turn her life around with fitness following treatment for breast cancer, Harriet decided to offer free classes at her studio on Woolton Road. These classes were offered in exchange for donations to raise some funds to support breast cancer patients at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

Three years ago, Sarah was diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent a mastectomy, reconstruction surgery, bone grafts, and six gruelling rounds of chemo therapy. Today, three years later, she is still receiving treatment. She did all of this with a young baby and an older son to raise, alongside her wonderful husband.

You can click here and here to watch videos about Harriet's work with Sarah.

Harriet said:

“There’s plenty of evidence that fitness benefits the mind as well as the body. Sarah is one of the bravest, strongest members of our family. The war against cancer will eventually be won by medical professionals who will come up with ways to beat the terrible disease. The fight however is won right here with us, in gyms like ours, at coffee mornings, fun runs, sponsored dancing or whatever you choose to do. By coming together as a community and raising funds to support those on the front lines we all contribute to the effort. I’m so proud of our gym community and the effort shown. To those that attended, donated, or simply dropped some money in the bucket: thank you from the bottom of my heart”.

Take a look at footage taken from the special day at Harriet’s Fitness studio in October here.

We would like to say a great big thank you to Harriet McGuffie, her amazing team, friends and clients who all took part in supporting the event. The money raised will go a long way towards supporting more breast cancer patients in the future and we are extremely grateful to you.