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R Charity fund new mammography chair

The breast team at the Trust have received a brand new motorised mammography chair that will help transform the way mammograms for patients that cannot stand are carried out.

The £4,500 needed to purchase the new chair was raised by R Charity, who are actively looking to support departments within the Trust with new equipment to assist in the care of patients.

A mammogram is a breast x-ray. During your appointment, you are normally asked to undress to the waist and stand in front of the mammogram machine. Your breasts will then be placed one at a time on the x-ray machine, where they will be pressed down firmly on the surface by a clear plate and pictures taken.

However for women receiving a mammogram in a wheelchair and cannot stand, the mammogram can be performed but restrictions in the movement of a regular chair or wheelchair can greatly reduce the ability to image the entire breast.

“This specially designed positioning chair will allow the breast screening service to become more accessible for disabled women,” said Ali Guest, superintendent radiographer at Broadgreen Hospital. “It will increase the chances of obtaining a good quality image for those who cannot stand during their mammogram.”

The new Wolverston chair was delivered to the Alexandra Wing of Broadgreen in September, replacing the old mammography positioning chair – which had no motorised movements and was becoming increasingly difficult to use.

"As the new chair is fully motorised, it is better for both patients and the radiographers using it. It really will make a huge difference for our patients and we thank R Charity for being able to support us in funding for the equipment."

said Ali.

“We’re thrilled that we have been able to fundraise for this new mammography chair, especially as it will be in use for Breast Cancer Awareness month in October,” said Lauren Davies, head of fundraising.

“As part of the awareness month, we have been working hard to get as many people signed up to run the Scouse 5k for us on October 27 – as money raised from the event will go toward funding more equipment for the breast unit. We’re also encouraging people to host their own Pink Party during October! Knowing equipment like this will make a real difference for both patients and staff at the Trust is incredible.”

If you want to get involved and host a Pink Party, call 0151 706 3153 or email

To sign up to become a runner for R Charity in the Scouse 5k, visit