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Together, we raised £950,000. Together we have so much to be proud of…

We are so grateful to each and every individual, company and organisation who has contributed towards our COVID-19 appeal to support our hard working Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust teams to deliver the best possible treatment, care and support to our patients.

Due to the incredible amount of money raised, we have been able to support some integral projects and initiatives that have helped to make day to day experience much easier and comfortable for our staff and patients, and we will be sharing on social media with you how and why we've invested our fundraising in the ways that we have.

We are proud to have invested over £350,000 into our integral LUHFT Psychology Service to support our staff working through incredibly difficult, traumatic and stressful circumstances over the past 21 months.

We are proud to have spent over £45,000 to support the welfare of our patients.

We are proud to have spent over £105,000 to support the welfare of our staff and to ensure they have the essentials and time out space that they need to venture to for time out, to relax and recuperate during, or in-between stressful or tiring shifts.

We have invested money into a bike service to enable a healthier way to transport staff to work, we’ve spent money on training for staff, and into Christmas presents for our patients.

So please join us on social media over the coming weeks as we celebrate in more detail the difference these investments have made, and will continue to make for our staff and our patients.

We are extremely grateful, and together, we should all be incredibly proud of the positive difference that we are able to make.

We look forward to raising more funds and making more difference to those who need it in 2022.

The Liverpool University Hospitals Charity Fundraising Team x