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Our Campaigns

Easy Read Information

R Charity is a charity that raises money to help the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust.

This page has information about some of our current fundraising campaigns.

What we do

Some of our events are part of a larger campaign or are run over a longer period of time. You can find details of these events here along with contact information and downloadable campaign packs where appropriate.

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R Charity : a registered charity

R Charity (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds) is a registered charity, charity number 1047988. Registration with the Charity Commission means we must maintain clear accounting records and prepare annual accounts. We must also prepare a trustees’ annual report to accompany our accounts. This is very important to us as it ensures all our activities and finances are transparent and scutinized by the Charity Commission as well as a independent auditor.

Details of the charity can be found on the Charity Commission website here. Simply click on the Search for a Charity page and then enter the charity number (1047988) into the Charity Search Box and you will be guided to the R Charity details.