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Major donors and sponsors

Sponsoring us

R Charity invites people who are considering making a substantial donation to talk to us so we can help them to identify what they wish to achieve, and agree what their gifts will be used for.

Please contact Lauren Davies or Aimee Clare here. We’ll be delighted to discuss your support and introduce you to the clinical leaders of the area you choose to support.

Major donations can come in a number of forms, including –

  • One off gifts for an agreed specific purpose
  • Regular gifts (perhaps a sum given in 4 parts over 4 years) for a specific purpose
  • Gifts in kind of goods or services which we would normally buy as a Trust, which enables us to divert this committed money to other areas
  • Legacies – gifts planned in your will for when you die. The unusual truth is that people can afford to be at their most generous when they are no longer with us, through a charitable legacy. Please visit our will information page for more information about leaving a gift in your will 
  • Major gifts from companies

Leave a lasting memory with your gift

In the new Royal we have many opportunities to thank major donors, through Naming and Acknowledgment Rights. This could be your name on a list of supporters in our main reception, through to having your name as part of a clinic, ward or department in the new Royal, right down to being acknowledged as a supporter of an individual in-patient bedroom. 

And of course we don’t want our relationship to end with a donation. You will be invited to future events at the Royal as our guest, including to our new Royal opening ceremony, plus reports into the future from us on how your gifts are making a long-term difference. (Of course, if you wish for your gift to be anonymous or not followed up with future contact, we will understand and respect this too)

Ask an expert

As well as discussing your gift with the appropriate Consultants and Nurses here, we’d recommend that you take detailed advice on how to make your donations as tax-efficient as possible – this can of course allow you to be even more generous. If you don’t have your own financial and legal experts already to advise you, we have experienced experts supporting R Charity who are willing to advise you and execute your decisions on a pro bono basis. Please let us know if you’d like to take advantage of this support.

R Charity : a registered charity

R Charity (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds) is a registered charity, charity number 1047988. Registration with the Charity Commission means we must maintain clear accounting records and prepare annual accounts. We must also prepare a trustees’ annual report to accompany our accounts. This is very important to us as it ensures all our activities and finances are transparent and scutinized by the Charity Commission as well as a independent auditor.

Details of the charity can be found on the Charity Commission website here. Simply click on the Search for a Charity page and then enter the charity number (1047988) into the Charity Search Box and you will be guided to the R Charity details.