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Fundraising at the Royal

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This page gives you information about R Charity

Who we are

The R Charity TeamThe R Charity raises funds to enable the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust to provide the best possible health care to the patients from Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and the Isle of Man.


What we do

 At R Charity we are working to raise £10m to ensure that the care and treatment everyone receives goes beyond even the NHS promise of care. We’ll invest in the latest high-technology equipment for diagnoses and treatments, and create environments that provide fantastic comforts and conveniences for patients and families.

Why we fundraise

£10 million is a big target but it is broken down into equipment for all of the departments and service in the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Each area has its own appeal and list of equipment they need to make the results of their work something to be proud of. For example the Stroke Unit need some equipment to help people who have had a stroke regain their independence as soon as possible. Our Breast Care Unit needs equipment to improve even further the speed and accuracy of diagnosis. The equipment is all in addition to equipment that the NHS can fund and it will make our hospital one of the best in the country. 

The patient and their family are at the heart of all we do. Before we raise a penny we take the time to get to know patients, families and our staff to understand the challenges they face and what they need.

Once we have done that, we tell everyone we can about our ambition to help create health services that we can all be proud of. individuals, local groups, organisations, companies, trusts and foundations and tell them all .

People can help in many different ways. Our supporters can be individuals, a gang of mates, local groups, organisations, companies, trusts and foundations. People can fundraise for us and with us or can support us through one-off or regular donations. Others may help through spreading the word about the hospital.

Our very experienced staff and volunteers provide all the support anyone needs fundraise or support R Charity. Whether someone wants to collect a few pennies, give a £1m for some state-of-the-art equipment or jump put of a plane at 11,000 feet. We can make it easy (though may not be able to take away the jitters just before you skydive! )

At the R Charity we:

  • organise once-in-a-lifetime sponsored events. This is the land of the brave ! Skydivers, abseilers, runners, swimmers and fire-walkers.
  • help local people organise their own fun....and get sponsored for it.
  • work with small, medium and large companies to create events that benefit their staff and also raise money tp help people they care about
  • open the door to Trusts and Foundations to target money at a particular group of patients they want to help
  • provide ways for the well-organised as well as the impulsive supporter to make a donation in a way that suits them (e.g. direct debit, online, through a mobile)
  • help families carry out wishes of loved-ones who have recently died and wanted to support the hospital or those wanting to leave a legacy in the future
  • advise potential donors on how they can be as cost effective as possible with their donation through Gift Aid and other financial options.
  • welcome former patients to become ambassadors for the hospital. Their voices ring loud !
  • enable those who are well known or have local or national influence to become Patrons of the charity.
  • encourage all our staff to contribute their energy, skills and sense of fun to help improve the lves of future patients.
  • keep our supporters and our community updated about what their money did, the patients they have helped and how we can keep making it better.


Where we are based

R Charity Office

We are based at the Royal Liverpool Hospital on Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8XP

When you enter foyer of the hospital from Prescot Street, you will see a reception desk straight ahead. Continue waking to the right of the reception for just a few yards and you will see the R Charity reception hatch. Please ring the bell on the counter.

You can also contact us here

R Charity : a registered charity

R Charity (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds) is a registered charity, charity number 1047988. Registration with the Charity Commission means we must maintain clear accounting records and prepare annual accounts. We must also prepare a trustees’ annual report to accompany our accounts. This is very important to us as it ensures all our activities and finances are transparent and scutinized by the Charity Commission as well as a independent auditor.

Details of the charity can be found on the Charity Commission website here. Simply click on the Search for a Charity page and then enter the charity number (1047988) into the Charity Search Box and you will be guided to the R Charity details.