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The Royal - Past, Present and Future

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This page tells you about the history of the Royal Hospital. It also explains more about the plans for the future.

The Past

Very soon the new Royal will open its doors and another chapter in our long history will begin.

The Past: Serving our communities for over 150 years

For many years we have been at the heart of Liverpool life and at the edge of pioneering healthcare.

Prior to our current building, there were three other city centre acute hospitals - the Royal Liverpool Infirmary on Brownlow Street, the David Lewis Northern Hospital on Great Howard Street, and the Royal Southern Hospital on Caryl Street. In 1938 the three hospitals, alongside smaller specialist hospitals (including St Paul's Eye Hospital), had administratively merged under the Royal Liverpool United Hospitals group, and it had long been agreed to eventually amalgamate the separate facilities on a central site close to the University of Liverpool for the purposes of medical education and research.

By 1948, the site on which the current Royal now stands (on Prescot Street) was identified for this centralisation as part of the post-war regeneration of Liverpool. However, building on the main hospital did not commence until 1963. The Royal Liverpool University Hospital was designed and constructed by Holford Associates, between 1963 and 1965 and, after a number of problems, finally opened in 1978.


The Present

The current Royal Liverpool University Hospital opened in 1978. It has a long and distinguished history, bound up with those of the city and University of Liverpool, and a strong tradition of medical research.

Each year we care and treat around 172,000 emergency patients and day case admissions and see more than 490,000 patients in our outpatient department.

Sadly our current building is out-dated and not able to meet the needs of our patients and families. In addition our highly skilled staff need and deserve a modern environment and equipment to achieve the very best outcomes for patients and their families.

Important facilities need constant maintenance and the layout of the hospital is inefficient. To refurbish our current hospital would have been extremely costly, lengthy and disruptive and still would not have provided patients with the environment they deserve.

The Future

The new Royal opens its doors very soon and will set new standards of NHS care.

The vision for the new Royal is not a just a project to replace a crumbling and unloved building with a more modern and welcoming one. It is about creating a completely different kind of hospital at the heart of a radically renewed and improved local health service.

This vision is now becoming a reality.

Watch the video of our new Royal here.

The new hospital will be built next to the current site on Prescot Street. Once it is constructed, our existing hospital will be demolished. In its place, there are plans to develop a world-class health campus, as well as landscaping green space, roughly the size of Chavasse Park.

Our new hospital will have:

  • 646 beds, including a 40-bed Intensive Therapy Unit.
  • 18 state-of-the-art theatres
  • 23 wards and units, including a large clinical research facility.

The new hospital will provide every patient with a single bedroom with en-suite facilities. We believe that modern healthcare is as much about privacy, comfort and dignity as it is about pioneering treatments and cutting-edge technology.

We will also have a comprehensive cancer centre on site working in collaboration with Clatterbridge comprehensive cancer centre, meaning that patients who live in Liverpool will have a world-class service closer to home.

The new Royal will be vital for the regeneration of Liverpool and transform an area which acts as a gateway into Liverpool. The construction of the new hospital will bring jobs and investment to the city. It is also crucial to the development of the city’s Knowledge Quarter.

The new Royal has a purpose and meaning. It’s rooted in our values and ideals. It is something we believe in and are determined to deliver.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email the Fundraising Team here or phone us on 0151 706 3153.


R Charity : a registered charity

R Charity (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds) is a registered charity, charity number 1047988. Registration with the Charity Commission means we must maintain clear accounting records and prepare annual accounts. We must also prepare a trustees’ annual report to accompany our accounts. This is very important to us as it ensures all our activities and finances are transparent and scutinized by the Charity Commission as well as a independent auditor.

Details of the charity can be found on the Charity Commission website here. Simply click on the Search for a Charity page and then enter the charity number (1047988) into the Charity Search Box and you will be guided to the R Charity details.