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Who benefits from R Charity?

How do we help?

We currently care for over two million patients each year and have over 15,000 staff who work to provide the very best care for patients.

We go above and beyond, fundraising for vital equipment and services not funded by the NHS. We raise funds for new innovations, cutting edge technology, early-stage medical research, additional specialist staff, environmental enhancements and extra comforts for patients.

It’s with thanks to families, individuals, companies - large and small, community groups and schools, that we can continue to help our Trust to provide outstanding care to so many.

The New Royal Hospital

The state-of-the-art hospital will be accessible, attractive and easy to navigate and patients will be treated in surroundings which are modern, bright and spacious.

We want to fundamentally change the hospital experience and set new standards of care within the NHS. When we consulted our local community people liked the idea of every patient having a single bedroom with en suite facilities. People also asked for communal areas so that patients and friends and family can meet and chat. This balance between privacy and the need to be with others made great sense so each patient will have their own room but also a range a community facilities so they can be with others.

The new Royal will also be a key part of the wider health strategy for Liverpool and beyond. It will help us to continue to address health needs in the city, which sadly has the third lowest life expectancy rate in the country.

The new hospital will enable our services and clinics to be more streamlined, efficient and flexible. All fixed equipment – from nurses call systems to imaging equipment such as scanners - will be brand new and the latest on the market.

We have big ambitions to set new standards of healthcare. The new Royal will deliver outstanding quality of care and give our patients and their families the very best therapeutic environment in which to get better.

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Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email the Fundraising Team here or phone us on 0151 706 3153.


R Charity : a registered charity

R Charity (Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust Charitable Funds) is a registered charity, charity number 1047988. Registration with the Charity Commission means we must maintain clear accounting records and prepare annual accounts. We must also prepare a trustees’ annual report to accompany our accounts. This is very important to us as it ensures all our activities and finances are transparent and scutinized by the Charity Commission as well as a independent auditor.

Details of the charity can be found on the Charity Commission website here. Simply click on the Search for a Charity page and then enter the charity number (1047988) into the Charity Search Box and you will be guided to the R Charity details.