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Response to HSJ

Response to HSJ

Dr Peter Williams, chief executive said:

“Like most trusts, we have faced challenges relating to our performance in recent years, with significant increases in demand and a much tougher financial climate.

Against the constitutional standards, the Trust is meeting its current contractual obligations with Liverpool CCG. We are working with Liverpool CCG and NHSI to improve waiting times. There has been significant improvement in recent months that is not reflected in the CCG’s report.

I have written to the chief officer at Liverpool CCG to outline the numerous inaccuracies in this report and to further clarify our position on performance.

We have a very experienced Board of Directors and senior leadership team who have worked in the NHS for many years and who know our hospitals well. They are supported by experienced managerial and clinical staff. We are all well sighted on the challenges the Trust faces and are committed to continually improving the way we care for our patients.”

Performance update:

RTT - At the close of March 2019, the Trust had 820 fewer patients awaiting treatment than in March 2018 and as such had achieved the total waiting list size target set by NHSI. Open pathways have continued to fall in April. We are now in line with our recovery trajectory at 85% against the 95% target.

Cancer - There has been an increase in two week wait referrals, during 2018/19 the total growth was 15.56%, which is an increase of 2,766 referrals. Despite this, from February to April we were compliant with the two week wait target.

Since January 2019 compliance with 31 Day has increased, in March we were 0.4% away from compliance.

Diagnostics – We have made significant improvement in diagnostic waits throughout 2018. We’ve invested over £1 million to sustain endoscopy waits for the   6 weeks or less standard, to less than 2% for the last 2 months and in light of this have regained JAG Endoscopy accreditation.

Points of clarity regarding the CCG Chief Nurse Report:

‘Serious incident’ – The report refers to an incident without all details being considered. A serious incident was not declared in relation to the patient. The patient had not been handed over to the Trust by NWAS.

Radio-pharmacy – The extract from the report is a statement of opinion and contains factual inaccuracies. To clarify:

The Royal Liverpool University Hospital’s radio-pharmacy department is currently operating at a reduced level of production. This is to ensure that a number of different processes are undertaken to improve the quality of the production process. This is to make sure that the process is as safe and efficient as possible. We have worked closely with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. We expect that the department will return to normal levels of production later this year.