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5 reliable sources of information on nutrition

Welcome to our first blog for dietitians week,  here at  Royal Liverpool  the ‘Trust a Dietitian’ Campaign is backing the British Dietetics Association’s (BDA) National Dietitians Week delivering the Science, the Evidence, the Facts  on nutrition, ‘fad diets’ and healthy eating.

This week is all about encouraging people to access reliable sources of information on nutrition. Our mission is for the people of Liverpool to be empowered to make dietary changes based on FACTS not FICTION.


So come and visit the dietitians this week in the foyer for top tips to support healthier lifestyles, fruit tasting and weight yourself.

Thank you to Tony and Jen from radio Merseyside for hosting us today!

Reliable websites for nutritional information



Although every effort is made to ensure all information provided is evidence based and reliable, sources may vary and may not be applicable to every individual due to certain medical conditions.  Please ensure you speak with your GP or registered dietitian prior to making any dietary or lifestyle changes, especially if you have a medical condition.