Here's our 2018 Annual PLACE (Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment) Results

The 2018 PLACE results were officially released on the 16th August and the results are extremely positive and we continue to score above the national average in the majority of areas. All assessments were completed during April with the support of 26 patient assessors, made up of Governors, Patient Council, Volunteers and a visit from an external verifier to confirm assessments were conducted in line with the Centre’s guidance.

It was encouraging across both sites to receive excellent feedback from patient assessors:


‘Brilliant atmosphere on the wards’

‘Despite the hospital being in use beyond its expected life it feels the environment is well managed and you are making the best of a difficult situation – well done to all’

‘All areas visited were clean and tidy’

‘Staff very positive, extremely helpful and informative’


The results achieved across both hospital sites demonstrates the commitment and dedication of all Trust staff who strive daily to provide ‘the best patient care’ in a clean and safe environment

National average Royal Liverpool hospital Broadgreen hospital
Cleanliness 98.38% 99.91% 100.00%
Food 89.68% 94.70% 95.70%
Organisation Food 88.80% 93.69% 91.53%
Ward Food 90.19% 94.95% 97.48%
Privacy, Dignity & Wellbeing 86.38% 89.22% 83.45%
Condition, Appearance & Maintenance 94.02% 99.72% 97.09%
Dementia 76.71% 87.46% 83.93%
Disability 82.56% 96.11% 96.78%