What we've learned from your feedback at Broadgreen Hospital


On 27 November 2018 we held our annual Listening Event at Broadgreen Hospital. The aim of the day was to speak to as many patients and visitors as possible to gather feedback about our hospital. We wanted to find out what people think is good and what we need to work to improve.

Six members of staff from Healthwatch Liverpool attended the event. Between the staff we tried to visit as many different areas of the hospital as possible to speak to people about their experiences. We used a survey questionnaire to capture people’s feedback.

During our visit we gathered feedback from people about the following areas in the hospital:

  • Ward 1
  • Ward 2
  • Ward 3
  • Ward 4
  • Ward 5
  • Various outpatient areas

We completed surveys with a total of 58 replies. Out of 55 responses, 30 were inpatients, 25 were outpatients and 3 were visitors.

Here’s what we found:

41 people made positive comments about our staff.

16 people made positive comments about the cleanliness of our hospital.

5 people made positive comments about the location of the hospital.

2 people made positive comments about the food.

2 people commented that the outpatients appointments run on time.

18 people said they thought nothing could be improved about our hospital.

10 people made comments that they weren’t happy with car parking, both in terms of cost and availability of spaces.

6 people made comments about waiting times and cancellations in relation to both outpatient appointments and inpatient treatments.

4 people made comments broadly related to staff – one person felt that there was an over-reliance on student nurses on the wards. Another felt that staff took too long to carry out tasks.

2 people made comments that they feel the food needs to be improved.


Broadgreen Hospital received a great deal of positive feedback from both patients and visitors at our Listening Event this year.  91% of the people we spoke to rated the hospital either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

The lowest rating given was 3 out of 5. There were a large number of positive comments about the staff and cleanliness.

However, some of the people we spoke to did express dissatisfaction with car parking and there were also concerns expressed about waiting times, both for outpatient appointments and inpatient treatment.

Most people we spoke to felt that staff did have enough time to care for them. However, some people expressed that staff appeared to be too busy and this impacted on their ability to deliver patient care.

The majority of people felt that the hospital was accessible. Some people did express concerns about signage.