Introduction to the clinical research unit blog!

The Research & Development Teams from the Royal Liverpool & Broadgreen University Hospital Trust have decided to join the world of blogging.  

Through regular blogs we will introduce you to the world behind the doors of England’s first NHS Trust to gain Phase 1 MHRA accreditation in their Clinical Research Unit.  We will provide you with an insight into clinical research, the disease areas we are working on such as dementia, respiratory, cancer and renal disease, and how we are supporting the agenda to improve the health of our nation.  Clinical Research is vital in looking at new ways to treat and fight diseases.  Without research we wouldn’t have access to the medicines and devices that improve the quality of life for our patients.

James LindOn 20th May 1747, James Lind undertook what is thought to be the first randomised clinical trial whilst on board The HMS Salisbury, this day is celebrated each year and is known as International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD).  This year we hosted a number of events which included a performance from the staff choir, a presentation at Grand Round, the launch of our YouTube playlist…

We also had a market place for patients and staff to learn more about what research happens in our Trust. Check out our Facebook and Twitter feeds for highlight of the day.

Next time we will be learning more about the Clinical Research Unit within the Trust and will be hearing about some of the exciting work that they are doing...keep tuned!