A Journey to the Centre of the Cell-universe

With the sadHubble Telescope Picture passing of Professor Stephen Hawking recently, there has been plenty of discussion on TV about Hawking's theories that touched on the vast expanse of space, and it was quite mind-blowing. Instead of exploring space, what if we travelled in the other direction and explored the very things that make life. We're not just talking about cells, or even the nucleus of cells, but the very stuff that make those things - when we get to that level of our body, you will see that a cell is its very own galaxy.  

Department of Eye and Vision Science PhD student, Conor Sugden, has written a lay-friendly introduction into the area of research he is working on.  Conor explains the workings of cells that affect all parts of the body, including our eyes. 

Electronic microscope picture of stained cellsAt the Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness we are continually asking for funds and support to develop new treatments, devices and technology to tackle sight loss - and quite often it seems like we are asking for a lot money and support!! This piece will give you some idea of the challenges our specialist clinicians and academics have to overcome to gain a better idea of the causes of disease and, from there, what we can do to prevent disease taking hold and causing the loss of sight. All this takes time and a huge team of specialists in Liverpool with a wide variety of skills that work together to overcome those challenges. 

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