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Welcome to the blog of St Paul’s Eye Unit, a specialist centre within the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

What do we do?

St Paul’s is something of a local institution in Liverpool – we’ve even been given the Freedom of the City -  but we are also renowned across the world for our pioneering treatment of people facing sight loss. Our team of highly trained and dedicated ophthalmologists, nurses, opticians and optometrists have expertise in a wide variety of eye conditions. We are also an A&E if you need emergency eye care.

As well as out-patients and A&E we are also home to the Clinical Eye Research Centre which is at the forefront of developing cutting edge diagnostic and treatment technologies, for not only our patients but for people around the world. Important new treatments have and are being developed here for conditions such as AMD, eye cancers, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma. There will be more on those developments in this blog.

Our partners

St Paul’s works closely with scientists from the Department of Eye and Vision Science and other departments at the University of Liverpool – several of our staff hold positions in both institutions. We have a really productive ‘bench to bedside’ partnership where university laboratory research leads to innovative new treatments and techniques which are tested and then used in clinical service at St Paul’s. This really is cutting edge science and we’ll be featuring some of it on this blog.

We are also partly funded by the Foundation for the Prevention of Blindness which aims to pump prime new research, hopefully leading to new clinical treatments for those affected by sight loss. As well as funding new research the Foundation is also raising funds for a new purpose-built Clinical Eye Research Centre at the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital - you can support our appeal here.

Keep in touch

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