European e-Teaching Success

An e-Training School was organised in May and attracted academics and clinicians from all over Europe to attend and share ideas, knowledge and expertise.

The three day course, entitled, Tools, Techniques and Tips in Advanced Ocular Surface Diseases was funded by COST (European Co-operation in Science and Technology), a EU funding programme that enables researchers to set up their own interdisciplinary research networks in Europe and beyond.

The e-Training School was organised by Mr Vito Romano and Anidirdia-Net, non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to assisting those with low vision or blindness due to the genetic eye disease Aniridia, and took place between the 19-21 May. 

Four lectures were given over a 90 minute session on each of the three days featuring subjects such as ocular surface imaging, artificial iris and lens implants, stem cell transplantation and corneal gene therapy in Aniridia. Following the lectures a live discussion was held with the presenters. Towards the end of each day, a 90 minute round table discussion was held with four panellists on each session. 

Mr Vito Romano, Chair of the three daily sessions, said: "If there is one thing that we have learnt from the Covid lockdowns is that we can embrace technology to make these type of events work in our favour.  The sessions were punctual, informative and were designed to encourage discussion to allow all those that attended an opportunity to explore ideas, with the ultimate aim of tackling disease that cause blindness.  What's more, the sessions fitted nicely with our other work that day, and removed the need to travel all over to share infromation.

"I am very grateful to everyone that helped to make this event happen, including COST, and also Esaso for providing the technology to host such an event. 

"I would certainly encourage other researchers to utilise COST to run similar programmes; it is very good concept."

Guest Panellists and Speakers