Eyes Revealed Videos

6/6 is normal vision in the UK, whilst 20/20 is normal vision in the USA.

The date 6-6-2020 presents St Paul’s Eye Unit here in Liverpool with a unique opportunity to promote the importance of sight, because protecting and correcting it will improve the quality of day-to-day life for everyone.

This is why St Paul’s has launched 'Eyes Revealed', and why we are calling on patients, family and friends to get involved and be the first ones to hear the ground-breaking news on how we are tackling blindness.

During the week leading up to 6/6/2020, and on the day itself, we will be showing a series of videos about the eye, vision, commonest cause of sight loss, what people can do to maintain good eye health and what the experts are doing to prevent sight loss.

You can see these videos by scrolling down this page.

To view the programme of activity throughout the week please click here. Via this link, you will also be able to register for the free and informative Eyes Revealed Webinar on Wednesday 3rd June, starting at 2.30pm, and the Meet the Experts on Saturday 6th June 2020, starting at 10am. 

Dr Paul Knox, Reader - There's more to seeing than meets the eye

Prof Simon Harding - Diabetes and the Eye. What Can We Do About?

A recording of the live Eyes Revealed Webinar 2020

Professor Ian Pearce, Honorary Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology - An Introduction to the Clinical Eye Research Centre at St Paul's Eye Unit

Mr Rob Cheeseman, Consultant Ophthalmologist - The Lowdown on Glaucoma

A recording of the live Ask the Experts session - 6-6-2020