Imaging technician goes above and beyond for St Paul’s patient

A St Paul’s Eye Unit imaging technician has been awarded the St Paul’s Star Award for going above and beyond for a patient who had been the victim of an unprovoked attack which resulted in devastating injuries.

The patient, who was an international student studying in Liverpool, had his cornea and iris perforated by his glasses when he was attacked and needed emergency surgery. Imaging technician, Hayley Lynch, raised over £180 to buy gifts for the patient who was away from home without family.

General Manager David Jones and Clinical Director Mike Briggs giving Hayley her award
General Manager David Jones and Clinical Director Mike Briggs giving Hayley her award

Hayley was chosen for the award, which is given out once a quarter to a member of staff who deserve to be recognised for going the extra mile, for her thoughtful actions.

Hayley said: “I’m overwhelmed to win this award, I didn’t expect it at all. It was really upsetting to see the patient so distressed, he didn’t speak much English and was really shook up and frightened - his injures were traumatising to see.

“I wanted to give a gesture to show him that he’s not alone and that we were thinking of him. So with a card and selection box, I got him both Everton and Liverpool football shirts to show that we are a united, welcoming city.”

Consultants managed to salvage the patient’s eye, but he will likely have to have treatment for the rest of his life.

Hayley continued: “The patient had come over to better himself and he could have easily dropped out of his studies after what happened, but I’m pleased that after returning home to Saudi Arabia to see his family after surgery, he’s made the decision to come back to Liverpool to continue his studies. It’s really nice to be recognised for what we do on a day to day basis, so I’m really happy to have won this award.”

Clinical Director of St Paul’s Eye Unit, Mike Briggs, said: “This award was as a direct result of the personal efforts Hayley took in trying to generate support for a patient who had a devastating life experience in December 2019. Hayley took it upon herself to rally a team of staff to support the patient to offer some comfort in a distressing time. This is testament to our hard-working team, and this kind of compassion is what makes St Paul’s so special.”