Join Our Retina Surgery Group

If you or a family member has had retina surgery, St Paul's Eye Unit wants you to join our newly formed Retina Surgery Group. The purpose of this group is to meet four times a year to help researchers plan how their study can engage patients effectively.

You do not need to have any medical experience, that is because, as a patient, you already bring a whole of host of experience. No matter how complicated the research, or how brilliant the researcher, patients and the public always offer unique, invaluable insights. Your advice when designing, implementing and evaluating research invariably makes studies more effective, more credible and often more cost efficient as well.

There is now a greater commitment to the importance and contribution public involvement can make to research, and we would like you to be involved, whether you have had retina-surgery in St Paul's or anywhere else in the UK.

To learn more, or to have a chat about your involvement, please call St Paul’s Eye Research Foundation (who are leading the initiative for British & Eire Association for Vitro-Retinal Surgeons on 0151-706-4291 or email