ONWARDs and upwards: new research development network aims to bring together trainees and consultants

The National Institute for Health Research (the research arm of the NHS) Ophthalmology Speciality Group is giving its support to a national strategy for Trainee Research Networks. It is being run in collaboration with the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. In the Liverpool region, Dr Neeru Vallabh (Glaucoma Research Fellow at St Paul’s) will be leading.

Neeru has established the Ophthalmology North West Academic Research Development (ONWARD) network. The aim of this trainee research network is to bring together trainees and consultants who are interested in undertaking research by promoting an inclusive, collaborative approach to research within the region. The ONWARD network will be able to work together with the local Clinical Research Network to help recruit patients and healthcare professionals within the region to research projects.

It allows for the discussion of research ideas, in order to ensure the delivery of high quality research. By harnessing the support of more experienced researchers and the resources of many trainees, the aim is to produce large, well-designed studies that change clinical practice.

If you are interested in taking part or for further details please contact us.